Eco House Book

by Terence Conran (2012)

Publisher: Conran; 1 edition (July 4, 2012)
ISBN-13: 978-1840916027

A complete guide to home improvement the environmentally friendly way - whether you want to redecorate or redesign your home, this essential book provides all the information you need to reduce your home's carbon footprint and improve the quality of your life.

"Too often, books on green building hector their readers, or at best, pay a little lip service to environmental issues while pushing products. Not so 'Eco House Book,' by Terence Conran, who has written yet another sensible work that should help homeowners to think carefully about their living spaces."

These days there is a lot to consider when making home improvements. It should not be all about aesthetics and creating more space - it's important to contemplate environmental issues and to make good decisions right down to selecting fabrics and furnishings. Conran's Eco House Book provides all the information you need to reduce your home's carbon footprint and directly improve your quality of life.

Conran gives special attention to reducing daily energy and water consumption, by advising on how to improve insulation, green heating systems, alternative power generation and low energy lighting.

Topics include:

  • Servicing - Eco Audit, Energy, Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Water
  • Basic Fabric - Windows, Floors, Walls and Ceilings, Furniture and Fittings
  • Design - Layout, Flexibility, Making New Openings, Conversions, Extensions, New Builds, Structural Systems
  • Outdoor Spaces - Earth Sheltering, Green Roofs, Gardening and Landscaping, Water, Composting
  • Maintenance - Reducing Waster, Cleaning
  • Case Studies