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Eco Homes Trends 2014

Smart Thermostats, Compost Toilets, Passive House Certification - here's a list of top trends in eco home construction for you to take onboard this year.

Eco Prefab Homes - Affordable Eco-Friendly Living

One of the great things about eco prefab homes is that they can be built or set up in any location. They're creating a wave of excitement with architects and the general public with their progressive and ecology driven use of cutting edge technology.

Home Biogas Systems

To construct your own home biogas system you'll need a digester tank, an inlet, a gas holder tank, and outlets for the biogas and waste products. In an eco home environment, biogas can be produced from kitchen food waste.

Top 7 Eco Insulation Products

Good insulation is often cited as the single most important factor in residential energy conservation. Here we list our top 7 insulation options for a healthy eco home.

Eco House Book

by Terence Conran (2012)

Conran's Eco House Book provides all the information you need to reduce your home's carbon footprint when making home improvements - valuable details to directly improve your quality of life.